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Why Shirley Chic?

I am named for my grandmother, Shirley. I never got to meet her, but by all accounts she was intelligent, kind, and resourceful. I have a snapshot of her and my grandpa on their wedding day in 1942 that hangs in my studio to remind myself that the photos I create for my clients will be part of their story. 

I believe in making beautiful images, but more than that, I believe those images need to exist in a gallery somewhere other than an Instagram carousel. Printed photos leave a legacy that cannot be captured in a digital-only existence.

I'm Catelin and I'm a photographer. I work with new loves, wonderful families, and passionate entrepreneurs to help them capture and project what is most important to them.


Rave Reviews

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My family enjoyed how fun and carefree the whole experience was. Doing anything with a small child and a dog can be...complicated. Catelin made it such a relaxed and easy going atmosphere that put everyone at ease. She was patient and understanding and the photos turned out amazing!

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Jesse Glade
Family Portrait Client
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Catelin is so patient and calm and interacts so well with my kiddos. They know her by name and look forward to our sessions. Initially, I was worried about only having a large handful of photos from each session, but I love that I love every photo, don’t have to keep track of a million photos from each session to pass down through the years Thanks for loving my family through your photography talents, Catelin!

Mallory Hertz
Family Portrait Client

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